The Tree Ogham – Woodland Set


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This was a really interesting commission from a friend, which I have decided to offer for sale to groups and individuals wanting to create their own Tree Ogham woodland trail.

Ogham (pronounced ‘oh-am’) is an ancient script which arrived with the celtic tribes around 600 BC. Inscriptions have been found all over the UK on rocks and stones. Each letter in the script represents a native tree, hence the modern description Tree Ogham. The letters are generally written as the original Celtic / Gaelic names for the trees. How it was used we can’t be sure, possibly as a primative communication between groups, who knows. However the story goes much deeper than that – the Tree Ogham is the heart of a deep spiritual connection that these people had with trees, and indeed the whole of nature, and so this commission’s purpose is to reconnect us to the trees, and realise once again their importance and role in our world.

The main board is 65cm x 30cm and is carved with the whole alphabet. It is read from bottom to top. On the left are the Gaelic names, and English on the right. This board is designed to be mounted at the entrance to the Tree Ogham trail or woodland.

The individual tree plaques are approximately 20 x 10cm each, mounted on a 40cm stake at a 45 degree angle. There are 20 of them in total.

All the wood used is naturally durable Scottish grown larch. It is finished with a UV protected oil and should be re-oiled annually. Alternatively it can be left unfinished and will weather to a grey colour.

I am happy to discuss variations to this version to fit your project and the price shown here is a guide price based on this particular version. Installation can also be arranged, and also if the cost is too hgih for your project, a more basic / part finished version can be made, for you to complete yourself.

Please allow approximately 4 weeks for this product, and longer if customisations are required.

For more information on the Tree Ogham, I recommend Glennie Kindred’s handwritten book…