It’s been a while since I’ve added any work to the website, and the Weaving Shed in Hillswick is the reason… For the past year I have been renovating this derelict building into a private art gallery and accommodation.

The project was a huge undertaking, with the 240sqm building completely derelict when work started. Even many of the roof trusses needed replacing. Working with a local architect, my role was as the project manager and main builder. With a tight deadline of less than a year until the gallery opening I also brought in other local builders to help with the task.

This scale of project was very much a one-off, and the client is a good friend. I enjoyed the challenge immensely and would enjoy taking on similar projects, although probably not this big! Now the work is complete I have time to return to craft, although I did manage to squeeze in a few signs during the project. No driftwood though!

You can read more about the gallery here.

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