Many years ago I sourced some huge douglas fir logs that had been used on a subsea oil platform for 25 years. Despite being on the seabed for this long, they were in excellent condition. I’ve used them for many different jobs but never had a saw that could really cut them into usable sizes.

So when this project came along, for the friend who bought our previous house (which came with the logs as I couldn’t move them!) it seemed the perfect opportunity to use them. The cost of buying the saw would be more than offset by the saving in materials. And at the end of the job we could just sell it on.

The house is in a very exposed spot in Shetland. 100mph winds are an almost annual occurence, and the conservatory was to face the prevailing wind! So a kit just wouldn’t cut the mustard. Instead I opted to design the conservatory using high quality Scandinavian windows, and build the low walls and frame in the douglas fir logs, with a log cabin type style.

The rafters were built with the same timbers and the roof was glazed with glass. To make the room usable all year round, the floor and timber walls were insulated and underfloor heating was installed under the quarry tiles.

The build was completed in under 4 weeks, including processing all the logs, and that was with pretty awful weather for the time of year. Days without rain were definitely in single figures!

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