I’ve been making plant labels from offcuts of oak from my maps now for a while so thought I’d put some up for sale. I’ve made them in two different sizes and either unfinished natural oak or multicoloured, depending on what you would like the markers for.

Plastic markers may be cheap, but they come at a cost to the environment. Oak will just degrade into the soil at the end of it’s useful life. The oak I use for these markers is also a by-product from a flooring manufacturer, and of course the oak is sustainably sourced too.

Oak is naturally durable outside and so these will last many years. Without treatment they will eventually fade to a silvery colour. At the end of each season just sand them down to use again next year.

You can write on these with anything really, but we have found that a soft pencil is best, such as a carpenters pencil. For a long term finish paint pens work well. Marker pen inks can fade or run outside.

Choose from two sizes and quantities, both £4.95:
– 20cm x 2.5cm (8″ x 1″) – pack of 6
– 15xm x 2cm (6″ x 3/4″) – pack of 10

Coloured labels have been stained with natural woodstain which is safe to use with plants. These are £1 extra per pack If you prefer specific colours rather than a mixture, please send me a note with your order.

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