Here’s another take on the wave bench design I did a few years ago, this time with two complementing benches facing a stunning view across Bluemill Sound.

The single-seater and two-seater benches are made from Scottish larch, split down the grain to give a natural finish with no straight lines. The larch was chosen for it’s excellent durability and that it is grown sustainably in Scotland. It will eventually weather to a silvery-grey sheen.

The benches both have planting space either side built in where the client intends to add fragrant flowers and herbs, and plants that will grow through the gaps in the larch and make the bench come alive.

The benches were angled slightly towards each other, and of course towards stunning views of Unst and out to sea.

Being in such an exposed location, the main frame of the bench is cemented in place and the backs and planters are all hammered into the earth so it’s going nowhere anytime soon!

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