I’ve been busy redesigning and adding to my oak and tweed carved maps. Having moved to the Highlands, there’s no prizes for guessing what my latest map is! The Northern Highlands design looks quite different to the islands maps as it really showcases the tweed which I really like.

I have also added a map of Skye, which is a slightly different style as it shows part of the mainland as well as the island.

I’ve also changed the designs of the Orkney and Shetland maps. They’re now framed in solid oak, and as you’ll see from the photo, the Shetland map is slightly smaller than it used to be, but I’ll still be making the larger, more detailed map to order, too.

I’m always up for a challenge and if you’d like a custom map making of any area then let me know. Obviously these maps work best for areas where the land and sea meet, so coastlines, islands etc, but lochs would also look great.

All of the maps shown are available to purchase via the shop.

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  • Hi Al,

    My Son was 50 back in January and I am looking for something different and personal for him to keep. Elaine told me about your web site and work and I like the look of the carved maps but my Son lives down in England and no where near a coastline. Can you suggest anything and can you give me some idea of the cost. I’ve no doubt that I will see you at Bowls but you can’t really discuss these things there.


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